Note: my cheki

Note: my cheki

last night on Twitter


Many of you probably noticed or you didn’t, that some J-rockers were tweeting #duelenoki last night. Honestly my TL was full with enoki (^^;)

For the ones who had no clue about it, vistlip Umi, Lc5 Sato, DuelJewel Shun, SCREW Rui, ex.DELUHI Leda, ViViD Reno and Matenrou Opera Yo went to eat…

A little talk about Manabu behind his back
  • Kujou Takemasa: Manabun is erotic na! He is also really grumpy! To tell the truth, this person is even more pervert than Kujou-san!
  • Duel Jewel's Shun: He even stated that himself so far (laugh)
  • Kujou Takemasa: It is so, Manabu..some times ago when i was talking with another person about pervert (hentai) things, he left a comment saying "Speaking of pervert then it's me". How amusing this person is ww He is a pervert-specialist!
  • Shun: He is an ikemen but still ・・・・・・・・(´=ω=`)
  • Kujou: But why do people always find ikemen's jokes favourable ne ww
  • Shun: Since they are ikemen, they're allowed to do whatever they want, my grandpa who has passed away once said that
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